Market Outlook 1) Here’s what Sir John Templeton said which holds important in current market scenario, 2) With 145% return in last 4 years, Indian #39;Bull Market#39; all set for final frenzy: Saurabh Mukherjea, 3) After a multifold rise in small midcaps there is still room for plenty of correction, 4) Not sure where Mr. Market is headed? Option guts can still help you profit, 5) Forget Nifty and PSU banks; remain focused on stock specific opportunities next week, 6) Exchange war escalates: MSCI condemns move to kill SGX Nifty, 7) Porinju says politics to be trend decider for market, bets on 2 infra stocks, 8) Trade deficit numbers not good; trend might continue in Feb as well: Ananth Narayan, 9) Nifty may bounce back to 10,700-10,800 in short term; metal stocks likely to be best performers, 10) Nifty to see resistance around 10640; 3 stocks which could give up to 15% return, 11) HSBC Global CIO sees no big downturn in EMs due to interest rate hikes, 12) Looking for quality stocks? 3 stocks which could give up to 16% return in next 6 months, 13) Worries are more about whole export sector than stock market: Ajay Srivastava, 14) Use rallies to short Nifty; top 3 stocks which could give up to 12% return, 15) Economic cycle seems to be picking up now: ValueQuest Investment,