Market Outlook 1) BSE Midcap is currently at 23.3x, a premium of 14.8% over Sensex; Time to buy?, 2) #39;With interest rates on upward trajectory, stick to short to medium term debt funds#39;, 3) Stay long on Nifty; top 3 stocks which could give 10-13% return in 1 month, 4) Here’s how Ratio Spreads can help you maximize trading gains in truncated weeks, 5) Earnings recovery? Performance of over 3,000 firms reveals double-digit sales growth, 6) See rupee heading to 71/$; these 5 stocks are top buys after Q1 results, 7) See FY19 earnings growth at 21%, cautious on metals: Franklin Templeton AIF, 8) Bullish on equity as asset class for the long term; see savings getting financialised: LIC MF, 9) Markets@Moneycontrol: Nifty likely to open higher; 3 stocks which could give 7-10% return, 10) Fund managers bought these 30 #39;hot#39; stocks in July, do you own any?, 11) #39;Least concerned about political risk, India at lowest point in NPA cycle#39;, 12) Equity story far from over; good earnings to allay fears of market overheating: Axis MF, 13) Crude prices may not breach $75 per barrel on the upside in this quarter, 14) #39;Volatility likely in market but trend to remain positive, certainly a good time for debt allocations#39;, 15) IT stocks to resume uptrend; these 2 largecaps 1 midcap could return 5-7%,